Join JILI777 Agency for Significant Passive Income

JILI777 Agency is currently present in all regions, in many different countries. With the goal of expanding the business network, this playground continuously recruits more associates. This event is currently causing a stir among online game enthusiasts. The bookmaker’s extremely good discount policies will be included in today’s article.

What does the JILI777 Agency mean?

The JILI777 Agency was born because this game portal opened to find teammates to develop together. The wonderful things in entertainment services that the house provides are probably no longer unfamiliar to players who love red and black. However, the companionship with JILI777 in business is quite new, especially in our country’s market.

Being an agent for this brand means that you will be granted direct distribution rights for the products JILI777 is hitting the market. Players who play games through agents still enjoy the same benefits as registering an account at a major house.

Besides finding new members, the agent is also responsible for instructing new players how to play, promoting the brand’s image, etc. The commission amount will be calculated based on many criteria such as: Amount of success Referral members, profit difference from promotions,…

JILI777 Agency has helped many people get rich
JILI777 Agency has helped many people get rich

Reasons why you should become an agent JILI777

Registration work at JILI777 Agency is currently the dream of many people. Although recruiting continuously, this playground does not chase numbers but is always looking for potential teammates. The reasons below will dispel the doubts of some who believe that collaborating with bookmakers is a risky job.

JILI777 is a reputable brand

Reputation JILI777 Ownership is by far the first factor that breaks some people’s barriers to online game business. Up to now, the number of customers using entertainment services at this unit is up to several tens of millions. This is a great success as well as a condition for expanding the playground’s scale of operations to many other continents.

2022, JILI777 Honored to receive the title of top 1 most prestigious and transparent bookmaker in Asia. Besides, the game portal was also awarded many legal documents from international organizations such as PAGCOR, Isle of Man,…

All brand activities are based on international law and are closely and rigorously monitored. Therefore, when doing JILI777 Agency, you don’t need to worry about risks!

Attractive commissions for all partners

Average the JILI777 Agency Usually receive a commission equal to 50% of monthly revenue. This is a higher number than many other units in the gaming market today. When working as a collaborator for the house, you can choose flexible hours depending on yourself. At the same time, the nature of working online at home helps partners avoid the cost of renting space, facilities, etc.

In addition to the commission paid by the house, agents also receive additional discounts from their downlines if they recruit more themselves. In particular, branches also earn profits from taking promotions from the main system and then transferring them to members at lower levels.

The advantages of being an agent JILI777
The advantages of being an agent JILI777

Easy to reach for player bets

The demand for entertainment and rewards is increasingly increasing in all countries around the world. Every month, on average one JILI777 Agency There are hundreds of thousands of new account openings and a game deposit of no less than a hundred million. Therefore, online games are a fertile ground for you to start making money.

Furthermore, when becoming a collaborator for JILI777, you will easily reach customers based on the position and reputation of this playground. The house has created many available resources for agents to use, the branch’s job is just to advertise them everywhere.

Diversity in product inventory

The JILI777 Agency is granted the right to officially distribute the entire game store of the main house system. The number of game titles has now reached 400 with more than 10 forms of betting as well as 1,000 outstanding events every day. That diversity promises to help you attract a large number of members.

JILI777 Agency receive dedicated support

JILI777 has been operating for decades in the market but has never once received negative reviews from customers or collaborators. The spirit of not leaving anyone behind has helped this playground gain a big name in the continental entertainment industry.

When you become a part of the game portal system, you will have a separate team supporting you whenever you encounter difficulties. This consulting department is okay JILI777 Created to specialize in helping agents. Branches can contact them through many channels such as: Hotline, Online Chat, Email, Skype,… Extremely fast response speed, enthusiastic support for all problems and questions. This will help you feel more secure while collaborating with the dealer.

Steps to register to become an agent JILI777

The nature of working as a branch for JILI777 is operating on an online platform. Therefore, registration operations are also done online to save maximum travel time and effort. The process of becoming a link in the chain of this brand’s dealer system takes place with the following steps:

Create a personal game account

Many people wonder why being an agent requires registering a game account for members. The answer given by the house is that this is a prerequisite step, only if everyone understands the game portal will they be able to give accurate advice to customers later.

  • Step 1: Search and access the website JILI777 official then select Register. If anyone already has an account, just Log in and you’re done.
  • Step 2: After accessing your personal game account, select the Agent section and click Register now.
Step by step register as a branch of JILI777
Step by step register as a branch of JILI777

Fill in branch registration information

To help the system identify all information about the branch, please fill in the content of each item accurately:

  • Agent name: Must not be the same as the name of another collaborating unit, must be 5 – 13 characters.
  • Password: Length from 8 – 20 characters including numbers and letters to create certainty.
  • Full name of the registrant: This information needs to match personal documents and bank accounts.
  • Phone number: The main number that the branch registrant is using.
  • Test code: Re-enter the captcha provided by the game portal.

Complete the branch application procedure

Once you have completed filling in the information, select Register now to send the request to the system JILI777. The dealer needs to review and approve the application within 3 days. Final official announcement of employment JILI777 Agency will be sent via email or call directly.

Agent commissions JILI777 How will it be paid?

Currently, the commission level is that JILI777 given to its branches as follows:

  • If the total lost bets of customers in the agency reach over 5 billion VND, that branch will receive 50% commission.
  • If the member loses 2 – 5 billion VND, the agent receives 45% commission.
  • For lost bets of 1 – 2 billion, the branch will receive 40%.
  • If the customer’s total loss is from 200 million – 1 billion VND, the branch will receive 35%.
  • The minimum commission for agents with total member losses under 200 million is 30%.

JILI777 Agency enjoys revenue from many different sources. Besides the salary from the house, you also receive the difference in giving promotions to players. This is exactly the ideal job for those who are passionate about online games and have dreams of getting rich from online business.