JILI777 Cockfighting – Thrilling Battles and Instant Prizes

Lobby JILI777 Cockfighting is one of the quality betting products trusted by bettors. Here, hundreds of cockfights from many reputable cockfights are broadcast live, making it easy for you to watch anytime, anywhere. For more details about the game lobby’s rules, let’s go to the JILI777 monitor right in the following article.

Cockfighting hall JILI777 What stands out?

Super product JILI777 Cockfighting The online betting market has never cooled down, especially for those who love fighting cocks. Coming to this playground, you will be able to show your prediction ability and bring back huge rewards. Indeed, it is no longer mere entertainment but a unique opportunity to get rich for you.

All matches will be JILI777 compiled from many different cockfighting tournaments everywhere. Thanks to that, players have the opportunity to practice proper financial investment and experience wonderful moments.

Many people also commented that watching cockfighting online here is really like going directly to the cockfighting ring, giving them unprecedented and realistic emotions. Compared to traditional cockfighting, it seems JILI777 has succeeded in bringing convenience to customers. Thereby, it is possible to gain the trust of players and make them stick around longer.

Cockfighting hall JILI777 Very popular with bettors
Cockfighting hall JILI777 Very popular with bettors

Basic rules of the game at the cockfighting hall JILI777

Come to the lobby JILI777 Cockfighting, players must follow the same rules as traditional cockfighting. Fighting cocks of the same class are equipped with iron spurs and knife spurs to compete with each other. Your task is to pay attention to the betting rules as well as how to calculate wins and losses in this game hall.

How to calculate wins and losses at the cockfighting hall JILI777

You need to focus on three ways to calculate wins and losses as follows:

  • A dead chicken loses and a living chicken wins.
  • Chickens that are alive but cannot compete in the following matches are also considered losers.
  • While the match is going on, if the chicken does not jump off the cock, does not bite, or does not kick, it will be considered a loss.

Bets that need attention

Besides the calculation of winning and losing, there are betting options JILI777 Cockfighting This is also something you need to know clearly:

  • Meron: This is the term for the cock representing the house’s side, with a very high chance of winning, so the odds will be low. Because it has been evaluated and evaluated by experts.
  • Wala: This is the concept of the cock representing the player. It has higher odds than Meron but in return has a low winning probability. Therefore, it is rarely chosen in the lobby JILI777 Cockfighting.
  • BDD: This is a draw. The reward rate is extremely high because this case rarely happens.

The duration of a cockfight is usually very short, only about 5 – 10 minutes, sometimes up to 20 minutes. When one of the two cocks dies or is unable to continue fighting, the fight may end sooner than expected.

Besides, the match will be held when Meron’s side responds to the challenge from previous opponents with a high reward set. And Wala sides will play against regions offering lower bets.

These cockfighting arenas are affiliated with JILI777

Every day, at the live broadcast channel, lobby JILI777 Cockfighting There will be hundreds of different matches. Among them, many famous cockfights below can give customers extremely wonderful experiences:

Thomo chicken arena

If you are one of the followers of Asian cockfighting, you cannot help but know the name Thomo. This is the most famous and largest address in Cambodia JILI777 Cockfighting buy broadcasting rights.

Previously, in order to satisfy the passion for watching and betting, players had to travel from far away to get there. But today when technology takes over, you only need a phone connected to the internet to easily register an account at the house and watch any match you love.

Chicken arena 999

This address is also a channel specializing in broadcasting classic matches from the past to the present. 999 Chicken Arena has been allowed to operate legally by the Cambodian government so you can follow it with peace of mind.

Profits from cockfighting that this cockfighting arena owns can reach billions of dong each year. Therefore, anyone cannot doubt the prestige and fairness of the matches held here.

JILI777 is cooperating with many reputable cockfighting schools
JILI777 is cooperating with many reputable cockfighting schools

Chicken arena 68

Another famous name okay JILI777 Cockfighting The live stream is cockfighting arena 68. This place is also the address that brings players eye-catching moments with extremely thrilling and thrilling iron spurs and knife spurs.

Before competing, each cock is carefully selected through many different factors. Although the entire match here will be held in Cambodia, the channel JILI777 Cockfighting There is always a team of commentators in Vietnamese. This will help you listen and understand more easily.

Chicken arena 67

Another cockfighting arena JILI777 The favorite among players is cockfighting arena 67. Although the scale may not be as large as the remaining locations, this place gathers countless famous cockfighters from many different countries. Therefore, it is easy to understand that there are often classic matches.

Experience in choosing sure-to-win fighting cocks for you guys

Once you have experience in choosing chickens, winning will be as easy as it sounds. If you want to have sharp eyes, you need to practice for a long time with these small tips JILI777 Cockfighting yields the following:

Consider the way you walk and your charisma

Good charisma is the first factor to consider in a top fighting cock. Chickens that possess a majestic, dignified, and strong appearance will be very aggressive and enthusiastic.

This can scare the opponent before the match has even started. To become a true fighting cock, they need to go through arduous training. If you see a chicken showing signs of being cautious or avoiding, don’t choose it!

Through the chicken’s foot scales

Another characteristic that you need to consider is the foot scales:

  • Thien Thien scale: This is the type that has both the inner and outer rows stuck together and located opposite each other. They are often located close to the posterior knee of other cushion scales.
  • Van Van scales: Similar characteristics to Van Thien scales and are also located close behind the above scales.
  • The center of the heart: Similar to the scales of the sky or the cloud, it will be layered behind the position of the cloud.
  • Three types of scales: This type of scale is quite good when the above 3 types of scales are close together.
  • Phu Dia: Similar to the An Thien scales, but note that they lie close to the pot before touching the fingers.
  • Tam Tai Phu Dia: This scale possesses 3 Phu Tai scales located close to each other.
  • Question: Similar to the heaven and earth court, but the location will be different. If the handlebars are next to each other from the 4th scale down and at the same level as the spur, it is called the armored scale. Chickens possessing this type are very aggressive.
  • Question: It is similar to the Heaven and Earth project, but the position will start from the pillow and line up along the pot. Chickens possessing this scale are very agile, cunning and can deliver dangerous blows accurately.
How to choose good fighting cocks through the experience of experts
How to choose good fighting cocks through the experience of experts

Consider the armor of the spur

One more feature JILI777 Cockfighting What I want to tell you is armor:

  • Unique armor: If this type of large scale is located right at the spur, it is a good chicken; if located somewhere else, it is a normal chicken.
  • Interthyroid: These are two scales that are often fused together. If they are in the foreign row, they are bad chickens, but if they are in the 4th row or below, they can still be trained. If it is located right on the spur, it is a good chicken, but when it is located in the domestic market, this is the type of chicken you should use.
  • Great armor: They are 3 scales that are often joined together. Located on the wall, it is a great border. If it is in the sarcophagus, it is a big internal armor. A cock possessing this scale will be brave and deliver dangerous blows.
  • If the chicken has one of two types: inter-armed and large-armed, and has one more small scale in its mouth, it is a jade scale.
  • Tiger Mouth: This is a type of internal armored scale that is shaped like a tiger’s mouth on the inside of the spur. In the middle there is a hole divided into 2 identical parts.
  • Ham Long: This type of scale is an internal armor that resembles a dragon’s mouth. Similar to a tiger’s mouth but with a hole dividing the scales into two unequal sides.

How to choose a fighting cock through the chicken’s head

When you come to join JILI777 Cockfighting Don’t forget to look at the chicken’s head because it gives quite good results:

  • Chicken heads: Chickens with square heads, not narrow, and deep faces will be very aggressive.
  • Eyes: Any animal with bright, sharp, and agile eyes will be able to strike very accurately. This will help it easily dodge its opponent’s attacks. You should choose a chicken with a slightly deep eye socket so that this area is well protected when participating in competitions.
  • Crest: The chicken’s comb is often noted as the comb, the comb and the peacock’s comb. Chickens with large combs are easily attacked and scratched, so choose chickens with small, slightly thick combs.
  • Beak: Choose a chicken’s beak as big as possible, top and bottom must be tightly closed. So when they bite, it will cause pain to the opponent’s bones. The beak opens wide but should be short to have great force to help knock down opponents.
  • Neck: This part must be proportional to the body. Chickens have big necks and will probably have a stable stance. Thick neck skin will increase the ability to withstand blows better than thin-skinned chickens.

Tips for choosing a good chicken according to the sound of crowing

According to many cockmasters with experience in the field of selecting chickens, those with loud, powerful crows and slightly long sounds are clearly good chickens. Those that crow intermittently and make noises are bad chickens.

Above is information related to the lobby JILI777 Cockfighting We have just compiled it. Accompanied by some experience in choosing good chickens from the secrets of experts. If you want to follow and bet on dramatic matches every day, please register for an account on the homepage today!