JILI777 Withdrawal Methods: Extremely Easy For Beginners

Operation JILI777 withdrawal is the final step after members participate and win bets at the house. This transaction is considered extremely simple, however, not everyone follows the game portal’s regulations. Therefore, we decided to give dedicated instructions to players, especially new players, as follows.

Things to know when withdrawing money JILI777

Before creating a transfer order, what important things do players need to know? Below is the information you need to understand about reputable bookmakers JILI777.

JILI777 withdrawal through a single method

Unlike deposits, JILI777 Only supports one form of withdrawal, which is transfer to the player. Although it may seem inconvenient, this is a method for the unit to manage the balance in the member account and help you protect information and transaction data.

Which bank is affiliated with? JILI777?

Currently, the house has made efforts to contact as many banks as possible to support customers’ deposits and withdrawals more conveniently. The following is a list of units cooperating with the game portal JILI777 including: Vietcombank, Sacombank, Vietinbank, Dong A, BIDV, Techcombank, Agribank, etc.

JILI777 is increasingly linking with as many banks as possible
JILI777 is increasingly linking with as many banks as possible

Detailed withdrawal instructions on the home page JILI777 for player bets

To help players make transactions simply and quickly, please join us in reviewing the operations JILI777 withdrawal The following:

Step 1. Access the website JILI777 and log in to your account

To be able to withdraw money at the game portal, players should first go to the home page link attached in the article to log in to their account into the house system. Next, check to see if the balance in the sub-account is enough to make the transaction!

Step 2. Make fund transfer

You should transfer money from the sub-account to your main account. This is the fund transfer step where anyone must do the following:

  • Select the “fund” icon on the main interface of the account system.
  • Click on “transfer funds” to transfer the balance you own to your main account immediately.
  • Click Agree to confirm the fund transfer operation is completed.

Step 3. Withdrawal JILI777 when filling in all the information

After you have transferred all your money to your main account, go back to the main interface in the system and select Withdraw. In this section, players should fill in the amount of money they want to transfer to their personal bank account for confirmation.

Next, the player enters all required information from the dealer, including: Bank name, account number, name of the branch where the account was established, name of the account holder, and amount to withdraw. After filling out, you should check again to avoid unnecessary problems.

Step 4. Check transaction history

Once the process has been completed JILI777 withdrawal, players need to wait about 5-10 minutes for the money to be quickly transferred to your personal account. Meanwhile, members should go to the home page to review the transaction history and make sure that the amount they just withdrew matches the transferred order. If there are errors, please notify customer service immediately.

Steps to withdraw money at the house's homepage JILI777
Steps to withdraw money at the house’s homepage JILI777

When making a withdrawal JILI777 What should be noted?

In short, transaction operations at the house are not difficult. But if you want to do it right, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Make sure your personal information is accurate and genuine

To withdraw money safely, you need to use the bank account number previously entered in the registration section. The house does not accept any transactions made through intermediaries because it can easily cause unnecessary financial conflicts and disputes in this process.

Pay attention to the minimum balance to JILI777 withdrawal

Players need to ensure the minimum balance appears in their member wallet JILI777 Must be 100,000 VND or more to transfer funds and withdraw money to your account. If there is less than this number, the game portal cannot process payment transactions for players.

Two things to keep in mind when making withdrawals JILI777
Two things to keep in mind when making withdrawals JILI777

Top 3 JILI777 withdrawal the fastest

To help with the process of withdrawing money from the house JILI777 and banking is done smoothly and quickly, players can apply these tips. Please read carefully to know which tip it is!

Make transactions while the bank is working

Payment step to withdraw money at the house JILI777 will be done finally at the bank where the player has an account. Upon receiving this order, the game portal system will process the transaction within 15 minutes. After that, the transaction continues to be transferred to the bank of your choice for step 2 processing.

Therefore, if you want your transaction to go smoothly, quickly and accurately, you should execute the order during office hours, specifically until 3:00 pm. Avoid requests JILI777 withdrawal in the evening, at the end of the day, on weekends, etc. This will not waste the player’s waiting time because the transaction will be delayed until the next day.

Make a withdrawal JILI777 via linked bank

Another thing to note is that players should withdraw money through the banks that the house has cooperated with above. You can rest assured that the game portal seems to be linked with large units used by people in the country.

Avoid changing account information when not absolutely necessary

Players should be sure about the bank account they want JILI777 withdrawal before confirmation. During this process, if you change your information many times, the game portal will have to verify your identity. However, that takes a lot of time and complicated procedures, so we recommend that you only use a single account when participating in betting.

Answers to frequently asked questions when withdrawing money JILI777

Every day, thousands of people withdraw money at the house JILI777. Therefore, the number of questions sent to the customer service department is also very large. Below will be answers to common questions of many people during the process of making withdrawal orders.

What if I withdraw money but my account suddenly gets locked?

Thus, players need to check other information before trading. If you enter incorrectly many times, the house will lock your account and force you to provide evidence such as ID card, phone number, etc. to reopen your account.

Fill in the correct information but can’t withdraw money?

If you see that you have filled in all the required information correctly but the money still cannot be transferred, it may be because you have not met the betting round conditions when participating in the promotion. For more details, you should review the event information or contact the dealer immediately.

Why can’t I withdraw enough money?

The reason why you cannot withdraw the full amount when betting is because you will be deducted exactly 20% when winning over 50,000 VND. These are general provisions that members must comply with. Therefore, don’t worry about your account having problems or trading at JILI777 There’s a problem!

Above are detailed instructions on the method JILI777 withdrawal that we want to share with players. Hopefully, based on the above information, your transaction process will go smoothly and quickly. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the customer service department for answers!

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